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What We Do

Our Networking Events enables Corporate Counsels to stay connected with the Industry.

Participate in CCAI Events

We organize wide range of events & conferences wherein there are different ways to participate, to name few are;



Our events offers excellent speaking opportunities were in one can share their experiences, knowledge and wisdom and enhance the esteem value.



Participate in CCAI conference get to hear the first hand information from the who’s who of the legal fraternity and upgrade oneself with power of learning.



It also provides the platform to showcase your stability, strengths,
change in strategies, acquiring new technologies, etc. Sponsoring our events offer excellent branding opportunities. 

Events that keep up to date with developments in law

CCAI organize wide range of events involving all the stake holder from the legal fraternity.The events include corporate counsel summit which is annual regional conference being organized in various cities of India. We also organize international residential conferences which has become flagship annual feature and popularly known as GC Manthan. The series of Indian residential conference know as legal rumination comes along with a coffee table book wherein India’s leading GC’s and law firm partners feature.

CCAI Legal Excellence Awards

The India International Legal Awards to be organized on 10 th April 2021 to recognize, felicitate excellence, and honour for exemplary work done by the legal professionals. The awards showcase the special achievements, visionary leadership through innovation, dedication and commitment towards the profession. The Awards would include all the stakeholders of legal fraternity such as in-house counsels, private practice, external lawyers, law firms and educational institutes imparting the legal education.

GC Manthan

GC Manthan & India International Legal Conclave: This is an Annual Flagship International Conclave of CCAI which has been organized in Bhutan, Indonesia, Thailand, UAE and Russia wherein the Indian Ambassador and dignitaries from host countries have addressed the conclave. The residential conference is significant to unwind & revitalize the legal intellectuals of India; It is a perfectly blended cocktail of learning and sharing of knowledge and experience along with fun filled activities in relaxing atmosphere. The conclave over the years have become the most preferred conference to attend, every year 100+ participants from India participate in this overseas conference.

Corporate Counsel Summit

Corporate Counsel Summits is unique initiative of its kind and more than 70 Corporate Counsel participated form more than 50 diverse corporates in the Summits. It is one-day conference being organized in major metro cities of India such as Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Pune. The Summit was great networking and Learning platforms for the In-House counsels. It had a balance of knowledge and experience sharing for senior General Counsel and Law firms; whereas it was a great practical learning experience for the attending corporate counsels.

NextGen Legal Rumination Summit

The Nextgen Legal Rumination Summit is being organized to provide a distinctive platform to In- house counsels, External Counsels, Law firm partners etc. to discuss and deliberate the issues and concerns plaguing the corporates, startups etc and take it up with relevant policy makers and regulatory authorities and the discussions would be instrumental in developing the legal strategy for corporates in future. It is a unique residential conference for legal professional in India which is perfect blend of networking and knowledge sharing platform along with Indian culture and cuisines in a relaxing atmosphere. It has been organized at Leh, Amritsar and Udaipur.

CCAI India Privacy Summit

The CCAI India Privacy Summit is the only place that brings together the people, tools and global information management practices you need to thrive in today’s rapidly evolving information economy. The Summit aim’s to bring together perspectives from around the globe for in-depth discussion with special emphasis on India. The summit was supported by IAPP and Many Indian and International Experts spoke at the summit.

Emerging Trends: Corporate Law

The conference is being held in New Delhi wherein the recent developments and emerging trends are being discussed. It a platform wherein the in-house counsels, lawyers and Law firm come together to discuss and deliberate on latest developments in the field of policy reforms and changing regulations with regards to corporate laws and a way forward is being discussed.